Finding comfort in hand made

There is something very comforting about hand made items; not only the arts and crafts decorative or gift items, but things you use everyday. For example a hand made quilt is not only pretty to look at, but knowing that it was put together piece by piece gives it much more importance. We don’t all have a grandmother’s handed down quilt, but lucky for us, there are talented people who are willing to share their comforting quilts outside the family! Even if you don’t need a large quilt, what about a lap quilt like this beautiful one made by Sharon? We love the combination of turquoise and brown…so tranquil!

Tranquil colors in this lap quilt by Sharon

What about some lovely hand-made soap by Stephanie. She has brought us some yummy new scents – lavender, anise, basil lime, flower child and Bay rum. Aromatherapy is very relaxing and comforting! Enjoy these new scents in bath salts, body cream and cuticle saver for a total spa-at-home treatment!


New soaps-lavender, anise, basil lime, flower child and Bay rum by Stephanie

New by Stephanie, soaps-lavender, anise, basil lime, flower child and Bay rum.  Also available are bath salts, body cream and cuticle saver

And while waiting for winter to end, we still have weeks of cold and windy weather, so a felted hat by Sharon will keep your head warm (where we can lose a lot of heat) and give you the comfort of a cozy cap and on top of all that, they look adorable!


Adorable felted hats by Sharon

We invite you to come in soon and find comfort with our unique and hand made items!



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New Website

We are happy to announce the roll out of our new website! We want to showcase our amazing artists and the wonderful arts and crafts they create, and we plan on posting lots of new photos each month on this site. Of course you can always check out Facebook page as well!   Continue Reading